Performance Twinny

Construction: Polyester, Epoxy Eps, Vacuum Infused 3k Carbon Fibre

This board has been heavily influenced by the Campbell Brother’s and their ‘Alpha Omega’ model. Head shaper Graham has developed a relationship with the Campbells after ordering several boards off them before he started shaping his own.

He is fortunate to call Malcolm a friend and has hosted his son Jacob as a guest in his workshop in 2018. The board was originally designed in the 70’s and keeps certain elements from that era such as forward volume and a beaked nose.

The stand out feature of the board is the revolutionary double concave bonzer bottom which was developed by the Campbels when they were still teenagers.

The board is known mainly for two things, speed and holdon rail. If you want something different which will add fun, excitement and performance to your surfing, talk to us about a performance twinny.

Call Graham: +00 353 (0)86 335 2883